In a fiercely competitive market where price, features, and flexibility must be balanced, Oregon Motor Cyclist helps you achieve functionality and productivity.

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Automotive Engineering

Digitization and rapid advances in technology have revolutionized the industry, and very much so the Automotive industry. Incorporating the technology shift and open innovation partnerships we assemble engineering solutions for successful products and services in the intelligent automotive ecosystem.

Automotive Manufacturing

Digital is changing the game for its production businesses, and very much so for car makers and suppliers. Smart, connected goods, plants, assets, and operations provide the potential for productivity gains, higher quality, cost savings and enhanced earnings.

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mobile app

A 4.3″ TFT Screen, together with app and cloud connectivity.The smartest motorcycle on the road.


Crusing speed

Cruising comfortably at 100 Kmph, the only vibrations you feel will be from your phone.

charging time

Reaches full capacity in one hour.

instant torque

Having a whopping 27 NM of instant torque from the moment you move, quickest at the traffic lights.

Utility storage

Enough space to store what you need.


A 100 km for every charge, Petrol pumps are a thing of the past.


What Our Customer Say

Johnny L. Siddiqui


“I was helped by Oregon Motor Cyclist and they are the best. Very informative and pleasant charactered team. I will tell all my friends of your excellent service and I had a very pleasant buying experience. ”

Joseph J. Lambert


“It was my first time getting a new bike and you guys really hooked me up!!! Excellent customer service from the entire staff. . .sales, service, financing, etc. 100% certainty. Customer for life. Thanks guys! “



5 Different Kinds of Automotive Training

Automotive Training

Most of us think that all Auto mechanics can deal with any part of the vehicle, but we need to understand that these auto-mechanics have different career paths. Their careers and fields depend on their experience and training in that particular area. Some may be trained in repairing the electrical and mechanical components of a vehicle while others may deal with the body parts and the chassis of the automobile. If you are interested in an automobile, then there are many types of career paths for you to consider. The following are some of the different kinds of automotive training: Transporting dangerous goods: In this training, you will be taught about the various kinds of containers and products. You will have to learn all the packaging and labelling rules of the goods. If you are interested in transporting goods and the things relating to them, you can take up the course, and there is also a certification which you can acquire during this training. Parts specialist: Parts specialists are very familiar with most of the automotive parts, and they can…

Top 4 Automation Technologies used in Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has always been a prevalent industry in the world. As technology develops, there is no doubt that the automotive industry will make the maximum use of technology. Many things such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been dominating the automotive industries. Many companies are keen on investing in such technologies which you make things easier for them and their customers. The field of robotics has developed on such a large scale, and the automotive industry makes good use of the various automations available. The following are some of the best automation technologies that are used in this industry: Collaborative Robots: The collaborative Robots are often called as Cobots, and they work independently with machines without having to interact with humans. These robots use machine learning to stop its work when a human enters its workspace and continues to resume its work once the individual leaves the premises. Using collaborative robots in the automotive industry can help it to come up with many new technologies, and it can speed up the productivity rate of manufacturing automobiles. Cognitive…

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