Most of us think that all Auto mechanics can deal with any part of the vehicle, but we need to understand that these auto-mechanics have different career paths. Their careers and fields depend on their experience and training in that particular area. Some may be trained in repairing the electrical and mechanical components of a vehicle while others may deal with the body parts and the chassis of the automobile. If you are interested in an automobile, then there are many types of career paths for you to consider.

Automotive Training
The following are some of the different kinds of automotive training:

Transporting dangerous goods:

In this training, you will be taught about the various kinds of containers and products. You will have to learn all the packaging and labelling rules of the goods. If you are interested in transporting goods and the things relating to them, you can take up the course, and there is also a certification which you can acquire during this training.

Parts specialist:

Parts specialists are very familiar with most of the automotive parts, and they can clarify almost any questions you have about your vehicle. Parts specialists have to deal with customers and answer to any sort of queries and doubts the customers might have about their automobile. They are also responsible for providing parts and other accessories in time, and a parts specialist needs to keep themselves updated with the latest technology. They are responsible for selling spare parts and replacing them. Some of the job titles that are based on this program are Parts Manager, Warehouse Manager, Parts Driver, Parts Counter Person etc.

Service advisor:

Service advisor is the person who receives you at the door at a dealership or an automobile repair shop and hears all the concerns you have. Their job is to know what the customer wants and guide them through the process of getting answers to their questions and doubts. The job is more of a management job, and you should know how to deal with people. If you are looking to spend time with machines and not with people, then it is not advisable to take up a position as a service advisor.

Trucking Training:

The trucking industry is quite dominant in North America and Canada. There are so many job opportunities in this industry, and it is great for young people to take up this profession. There are many schools which provide truck training, and you have to make sure that you will be committed to learning the profession.

Dispatcher programs:

The dispatcher programs are mostly for people who are quite good with their communication. They also need to be very efficient and organised. Dispatchers need to direct vehicles from one part to another. Some of the job titles that are based on this program are Local Dispatcher, Highway Dispatcher, road planner, fleet maintenance, warehouse supervisor etc.