The automotive industry has always been a prevalent industry in the world. As technology develops, there is no doubt that the automotive industry will make the maximum use of technology. Many things such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been dominating the automotive industries. Many companies are keen on investing in such technologies which you make things easier for them and their customers. The field of robotics has developed on such a large scale, and the automotive industry makes good use of the various automations available.

Automotive Industry

The following are some of the best automation technologies that are used in this industry:

Collaborative Robots:

The collaborative Robots are often called as Cobots, and they work independently with machines without having to interact with humans. These robots use machine learning to stop its work when a human enters its workspace and continues to resume its work once the individual leaves the premises. Using collaborative robots in the automotive industry can help it to come up with many new technologies, and it can speed up the productivity rate of manufacturing automobiles.

Cognitive Computing:

Cognitive Computing is based on artificial intelligence; it also uses machine learning and processes human languages and our interactions with a computer. Internet of things in cars helps them to connect with all the other vehicles on the road and help them to stay at a safer distance from the other cars on the way thereby preventing accidents. Many companies such as BMW and IBM are constantly researching on combining Internet of things and cognitive computing to bring out a technology which will create a link between cars where the drivers driving pattern and emotional behaviour are tracked.

Driverless vehicles using artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is a brilliant technology, and it is slowly reaching out to many people. Many types of research are going on to bring about cars with no drivers. A machine would take you to your destination, and you would not have to worry about hitting another car on the way. The idea is that the artificial intelligence would be given the map of the surrounding and based on the GPS enabled in the other cars near it, it would sense the vehicles and move accordingly.

Machine Vision:

One of the best solutions to carry out automatic analysis and inception is by adopting the Machine Vision technology. There are cameras which capture the surface of a machine that needs to be inspected, and analysis software analyses the images. The results that are provided by the software are used for various purposes, and they help the automotive companies to save a lot of money. Some of the companies that have adopted this technology are Datalogic, Microscan Cognex, Optotune, Vidar Systems and National Instruments.

We are yet to see more technologies in the future, and it is for sure that the technologies we have today will change the way how we view automotive industries.